5 Best Inversion Tables Reviews – Pros & Cons (2017)

Have you ever used an inversion table to work out muscular pains and joint disorders? Ideally, inversion tables are the best mechanisms prepared to help you enhance your posture, soothe your muscles, re-vitalize your organs, and improve your general health conditions. Choosing the best inversion table is an arduous task due to abundant varieties in the market. However, the potentials differ as much as the technicalities vary.

Inversion therapy is a tested and tried means that has aided the metabolic, circulatory, digestive, and respiratory processes of many persons worldwide. This is achieved by positioning your body on the inversion table in a posture whereby your feet are made to dangle as a treatment is performed on the affected body parts. Sometimes, it could be your spine, joints, and other essential body systems. The therapeutic processes involved could be through bodily exercises, fitness programs meant to support and enhance your psychological and mental capacities, maintain your shape or posture and improve the functions of your internal organs.


Are you confused on the type of the inversion table to purchase that will also meet your health needs? This review intends to provide you with a detailed analysis of the best inversion tables available in the market, their capabilities, and the result you should expect with consistent usage. In your search for an effective inversion therapy, you will definitely find various inversion tables around. However, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. You can discover a good product through usage and the impact it makes on your body. Here is a list of the best inversion tables that you should consider for efficiency and effectiveness: Teeter Ep-960 Ltd Inversion Table, IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table, Innova ITX4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion, Exerpeutic Inversion Table, and Invertio Inversion Table. These machines are highly recommended due to enhanced utility values and improved functionalities, which you can derive from their usages like adequate lock unit, better angle device, and switch, and more cushioning for comfort.

Top 5 Best Inversion Tables 2017 – Top Picks By Experts

  1. Teeter EP- 960 Ltd Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

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Do you want to enjoy a superior inversion experience? Teeter Ep-960 Inversion Table is one of the earliest inversion tables used to build healthy and active lifestyles. During the 1980s, Roger Teeter manufactured this life-enhancing machine. It is highly modified and designed to provide you with superior inversion therapeutic experience. You will enjoy comfort and safety during the exercise.  This inversion table has some unique and original features such as EZ-Reach Ankle System with triple lock structure, ComforTrak Bed reducing spinal discomfort, EZ-Angle Tether Strap feature that promotes rotation regulation, EZ- Stretch Traction Handle aiding your swinging and stretching, and Tough Stretch Max Handles guiding your angles and supporting your body weight on the machine.

The inversion table is easy to assemble and it maintains a weight capacity of 300lbs. You will be able to regulate the angles very well and experience a convenient swinging and an effective therapy.


  • Highly customized features that enhance your therapeutic experience
  • Easy to assemble in five minutes with the aid of the user manual
  • The ComforTrak Bed enhances your comfort and minimizes friction and pressure
  • Pre-set rotation regulation with the EZ Angle tether Strap feature
  • Sturdy and strong frame for comfortable relaxation
  • Full warranty service for five years
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Offers original and reliable features making the inversion table valuable in the market
  • Great oscillation, stretching and swinging with the aid of the EZ-Stretch Traction Handles

  • The machine has a very high price tag due to its unique features and accessories.

  1. IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

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Are you looking for the best inversion therapy equipment in the market? IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table is one of the most affordable inversion therapy equipment available to give you an optimum health satisfaction. It has an ergonomically constructed ankle pads, a lumbar pillow, nylon backrest memory foam, cylindrical steel frame, and non-slide stabilizers for the floor. There is also a storage folder for the equipment and it is capable of inverting up to 180 degrees. There are three starting points and you can choose where to begin your exercise. The machine is designed to improve blood circulation and maintain good health.

  • A robust and sturdy design to maximize benefits
  • Good features at reasonable and considerate price
  • Capable of folding the table
  • Removable lumbar pad for additional support and comfort
  • Firm and comfy heel holders to support your posture during inversion
  • The equipment can be assembled easily
  • Returns you to an upright posture with the aid of the safety handles
  • The heel holders reduce stress and discomfort on your lumbar
  • Improved comfort and relaxation due to a multi-layered memory foam
  • The nylon strap helps you to maintain a good posture during inversion

  • Not portable
  • You cannot remain in one posture because the machine has no set locks
  • The base has no handles like Gravity 3000 model
  • Regarded as the heaviest of all the Gravity inversion machines

  1. Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Table

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This inversion table is reputed to be one of the best in the market due to its new unique features differentiating it from other brands. Some of these great features include soft touch and supple foam handlers, quick and easy inversion, big backrest pad, true balance system for convenient inversion therapy, robust and heavy duty steel frame, one-year limited warranty, adjustable headrest pillow, ergonomically ankle holding structure, and a comfortable structure. Moreover, you need to assemble and set up the machine carefully for optimum function.

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Table has a Five Angle Pin System that provides easy, reliable, and efficient inversion experience to every user. It also has a True Balance System that supports and maintains the center of gravity each time a user undergoes the therapy. There is a triple adjustment structure constructed to enable every user to balance the system to fit the desired height, the footpad, and the headrest pad. This will help to micromanage the central gravity for a comfortable inversion experience. Other inversion tables have one or two adjustable points making them totally different from this one.

The five-angle pin system has a protective cover that helps to safeguard you during the inversion process.


  • A unique inversion machine that provides optimum health benefits
  • Ergonomically ankle holding structure to maintain equilibrium and stability
  • The inversion table is foldable for easy storage
  • The height is adjustable for comfort and convenience
  • A five-angle pin slot system with protective cover for safer inversions
  • A strong and heavy duty steel frame
  • There is a soft headrest pillow or pad adjustable in three positions
  • Thick backrest foam large and suitable for everybody
  • Supple and soft foam handlebars that enhance firm and comfortable grip
  • This inversion table has one-year limited warranty
  • Suitable for users with various heights and measuring as from 4.10 inches to 6.6 inches
  • Low price but high quality

  • The machine requires assembling before usage
  • A heavy duty machine and not easily transferable

  1. Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest

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This is a device designed to help you have an effective therapeutic experience. It is made with a steel frame measuring about 1.5 inches in diameters. Exerpeutic Inversion Table can resist scratching and scraping as it is coated with a powdered finish. The frame is very strong and stable during inversion processes. The backrest is covered with vinyl foam enhancing your comfort. There is a very long safety handle helping you invert to an upright position easily. You can enjoy about 180 degrees rotation with this aesthetic device.

There is a secure ankle locking system helps to fasten your legs tight on the machine as it oscillates. The chair has the capacity to hold someone weighing about 300lbs. The machine is foldable and can be stored safely.  If you want to enjoy maximum healing and fitness, use this machine every day for about ten minutes. Your vertebrae will be relieved of pains, discomforts, and stress.

The inversion table has dimensions measuring about 46.4 inches long, 29.6 inches wide and 7.2 inches high when it is fully assembled. It also measures about 63.8 pounds. Two persons can easily assemble the machine within twenty minutes.

  • The backrest is very long and wide and padded to provide more comfort
  • The frame is coated with powder and cannot be scraped or scratched
  • A secure ankle locking system to boost your safety during inversions
  • It can be folded and stored
  • A very long safety handles to ensure that you maintain equilibrium on the inversion table
  • The device is capable of rotating about 180 degrees
  • Inversion table can hold a person measuring about 300lbs
  • The thickness of the frame is 1.5 inches in diameter

  • It cannot be assembled by an individual alone.

  1. Invertio Inversion Table – Back Stretcher Machine for Pain Relief Therapy

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This therapeutic table made in China is reputed to be durable with 1-1/4 inches steel frame that can be useful for a very long time. It has an eight locking points at the ankle pad support that will remain stable during your inversion exercises. These locking positions are adjustable to enhance security, safety and maximize your comfort. You can easily unlock the points whenever your inversion workout is over.

Invertio Inversion Table has strong handles that can support and maintain your balance on the table as you turn downwards. These handles measure about 40 inches and the distance between both of them is 22 inches. Ensure that the floor surface is level before you start your routine inversion to avoid rocking the table unnecessarily. There are twenty-six marks on the table to help you adjust the height. You can regulate the rotation speed using the three pivot points covered with nylon smocks.  The straps are very pliable and can limit the inversion angles to your comfortable degrees.

You can fold the table for storage. The headrest is large and measures about 41.5 inches while the backrest is about 16 inches and padded very well for maximum comfort. The roller supports for your ankles are soft foams, which you can fix without straps. It has the capacity to hold someone whose height is between 4.10 inches and 6.6 inches with a weight of 300lbs. The rotation limit of this inversion is up to 240 degrees. You can easily assemble the device with the instructions on the user manual. The total weight is 46 pounds.


  • The headrest is large to accommodate your size
  • A padded backrest for maximum comfort and convenience
  • The rotation speed can be regulated using the pivot joints
  • The ankle supports are soft foams
  • Inversion limit for the device is 240 degrees
  • There are eight locking points at the ankle for good equilibrium and support
  • Robust and reliable handles to stabilize your body on the table during inversions
  • It has a long-lasting steel frame

  • It is too large and not portable

Features To Consider Before Buying Inversion Tables

  1. Comfortability and convenience

This feature is very important when considering the type of inversion machine to buy. The capability of the frame is a factor to check before you mount on the table for workouts. This is to avoid accidents that might be caused by the inability of the frame to hold your body weight during inversion processes. The inversion table must be comfortable and convenient for you to use at all times. Some of them have adjustable features, which can help you maintain a good height during your workouts. There are also ankle straps and fasteners to hold you up during inversion exercises. This will prevent you from sliding and falling off when the table turns downwards.

  1. Durability

Is the inversion table durable? You should also check for the durability feature of your therapeutic device. This is the capability of the machine to last long with consistent usage. If you can verify with clear proofs from the seller or other users that this system is durable, then you can consider buying it.

  1. Safety

Avoiding falls and injuries are necessary steps you should take while choosing the best inversion table for your comfort and good health. Usually, this is a major concern for all buyers. However, endeavor to examine the device to know the safety features built into the system. This will help you to be prepared always and know what to do to enhance your safety during inversion workouts. You can also engage in personal conversations with the sales representative to find out about the hardware components, structures, and attachments. Another relevant fact to find out is the weight and capacity of the table. Can it hold up your body weight safely as you invert? Do you want to shop online? Then carefully verify the product specifications and know if the table is really what you want. For questions and other inquiries about the utility values of the device, you can contact the manufacturer directly using e-mails and other social media features indicated on the website.

  1. Price

The unique selling features, brands, and varieties, bells and whistles are the determining factors of the cost of an inversion table. There could be price variations and fluctuations depending on all these qualities. Two hundred and fifty dollars is the ideal price range for beginners, however, you may decide to upgrade to a more sophisticated table later. Some brands cost up to $300, $500, etc.

  1. Ease of use

Here are some pertinent questions you need to ask before making a buying decision such as: Is the table easy to use? Can you assemble it alone? You should know if you could adjust the height and other features to suit your comfort and convenience. This is necessary to avoid disappointments. However, two persons can assemble and adjust some tables and it can take up to twenty minutes.

  1. Steadiness and Stability

Does the inversion table have strong plastic or rubber fittings at the base to enhance its stability, steadiness, and immovability during inversions? If you climb onto the table, can it slither or skid unnecessarily from the floor? You need to check for these features to avoid embarrassing falls. Ensuring that your device maintains stability and steadiness is a good step to enhance comfort.

  1. The weight and capacity of the device

You should assess the device to verify the heaviness and capacity of body weight it can carry at any time. This will prevent the danger of carrying an overweight person, which may lead to accidents and injuries.

  1. Ankle fasteners and grips

There are two unique types of ankle straps like the bar type and adjustable strap type. The strap type is designed to keep you in place during inversions while the bar type supports the anchoring of your legs downward. If you want to prevent accidents, ensure that your ankles are fitted securely unto fasteners and grips to hold you as you turn downwards on the machine. Consider an ankle fastener that is easy to put on and easy to put off.  Decide the type of ankle anchor you need that will be very comfortable for you giving you a perfect inversion experience.

During this process, your ankles suspend your weight and you may have sores there. Do not climb the inversion table barefooted.  You can put on very thick socks and endeavor to always, use athletic shoes. Choosing the best brand or model is the key to a fulfilling and satisfying inversion experience.

  1. The storage space

Most of these inversion tables are heavy and bulky, and you need a good storage space to avoid damaging it. This is necessary, especially if you are living in a small apartment. Study the product specifications to know the storage size. Moreover, the product representatives can give you a general knowledge about the item like its measurements and specifications. This will help you to know the size of the table you are buying.

  1. Structure

The feature to consider here is the frame. The metal structure of an ideal frame, which is valuable for the construction of inversion tables, is steel. It is durable and reliable. Do not buy poorly made therapeutic devices. Moreover, never you buy a machine constructed with plastic frames or aluminum frames. Safety and comfort are guaranteed and maintained with strong and sturdy metals.

  1. The item should have Guaranties and Warranties information

There are some brands that can offer you guarantee services for five years while others can only give you just for a period of one year. However, the five years guarantee period is considered better than that of other products.

  1. The type of materials used for constructions

Checking to know the type of materials used to construct the inversion table is very important. If you can visit a seller physically, you can check for the quality of fasteners or straps, ankle cushions, touch the surface of the tables, cushions, and belts needed to hold your body up on the table. Furthermore, check to understand if there are sharp, untidy, and rough edges.  Request to carry out a test drive for your new system. There are some structures made to support and hold you up while you are undergoing inversion, ask the sellers to specifically, tutor you about these basic features for easy operations.

  1. Backboard

Whenever you are climbing into an inversion table for a therapeutic workout, you will directly, touch the softly padded backboards. These backboards give you the support and courage to stay safe and protected.  Some of these boards are made for distinctive inversion tables. There are other covering materials like the mesh type of fabric. You will find that the boards are packaged with smooth, supple, and artificial leather materials instead of memory foams.

  1. Flexibility

Do you know that you may not enjoy various exercises with the high-end models?  Most inversion tables do not provide flexibility features such as the capability to move your body far from the table during inversion. It is a choice you can enjoy without falling off the table. There are other exercises, which you can embark on using some of these high-quality tables.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

There are various benefits of using inversion therapy such as:

  • Reduces stress

Inversion tables are made to reduce stress. Regular and routine use of these therapeutic devices will give you great health benefits as it will relax your nerves and lower your blood pressure.

  • Improves the circulation of blood in your body

During inversion exercises, every part of your body and especially the brain will receive a surge and rapid flow of freshly oxygenated blood. As you turn downwards on the machine, blood flows from the veins and arteries in your legs to the pelvic regions to the lungs and heart for oxygenation. Afterwards, the blood flows back from the heart to the entire body system for proper health maintenance.

  • Relieves lumbar discomforts

Are you suffering from lumbar discomforts and back pain? The solution to this condition is inversion therapy. Rigid muscles and disjointed bones in the waist are some of the reasons why you may be experiencing pains in your lumbar region. However, the consistent usage of inversion tables is ideal to give you a perfect solution and make your joints flexible.

  • Increases the space between your vertebrae columns and ligaments thereby reducing back pain

The therapy is necessary to increase the space between your vertebrae columns and ligaments in your body. It is ideal to reduce back pains and lumbar discomforts. This is ideal to help you maintain good posture when you are standing or even sitting. Your skeletal systems will be nourished with moisture and essential nutrients to improve your general wellbeing.

  • Inversion tables will help to maintain and support your spinal column.

Undergoing inversion therapy is necessary to help you maintain and support your spinal column. The spine is the pivot of the skeletal system, therefore you need to ensure that you will use inversion therapy to strengthen and straighten the system. This workout is needed to make your spine flexible.

  • Weak stomach muscles caused by the compression of spinal discs can be inhibited and alleviated using inversion therapies.

Do you have weak stomach due to the compression of your spinal discs? Your spinal discs are necessary to maintain your body posture and keep you healthy. When you suffer a compression of this system due to inflexible muscles, you will definitely suffer weak stomach. You can overcome this health condition by undergoing inversion therapy. This workout will loosen your spinal discs making them flexible and correcting your posture.

  • Boosts the composition of your lymphatic system necessary for longer workouts and reduces the fluid density of connecting tissues and the bones.

Do you desire an endurable workout session? You can achieve this by undergoing inversion therapy. This will help to boost the composition of your lymphatic system. The exercise will lower the moisture content in your tissues and bones making you appear physically fit and healthy. It is necessary to maintain your stamina and endurance levels during workouts making you undergo longer hours every day.

  • The spinal discs are refreshed and nourished during inversion processes.

Inversion therapies will help to direct food nutrients and water to your spinal discs. This process lubricates the entire spinal system making your more flexible and strong.  The spines are nourished and refreshed with a consistent flow of fluid into every part of your body during inversion exercises.

  • It reduces the tension on your muscles and vertebrae before and after strenuous workouts thereby promoting general wellbeing.

Do you know that you can use inversion tables before and after your workout sessions? Yes, inversion therapy is designed to help you relieve muscular tensions especially after workouts or physical activities. It is also needed before workout sessions to warm up your entire body system making you agile, flexible, and ready for the day. Whenever you experience fatigues and pressures on your body, few minutes of inversion exercises can put you on your feet again. Try it today for a unique experience.

  • Inversion tables help to expand your spine

Internal disc pressure in lumbar discs can be reduced using inversion tables. However, you must concentrate on the waist region for optimum result.

  • Enhances and maintains your joints

Joint strains, pains, and discomfort can be minimized by the regular usage of inversion tables.  The pressure accumulating on your joints during sitting, standing, and other physical activities can be relieved with inversion therapy.


The inversion tables reviewed in this article are high quality and sophisticated products that are made to enhance blood circulation, lower high blood pressure, reduce stress and back pains. As a regular user of these inversion therapeutic devices, you will also enjoy increased body flexibility, mitigation of compression fatigue, relieving of pains on your neck and back, alleviation of pressures on your vertebrae discs. There is also an increase in the supply of fluid and food nutrients to your spine and nerves as you experience minimal pressure in your body system.

Finally, inversion tables are made to improve the general health of every individual user. The frames are strong, durable, and reliable to hold up your weight during inversions.

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